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For the Lake Wedowee Property Owners' Association, "Protecting Your Playground" is more than just our motto. It clearly states our mission of  safeguarding and improving the quality of the lake environment and the interests of the property owners.

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The LWPOA board has finalized the Association's position on reservoir and dam operations, winter and summer pool levels, and downstream releases, and filed our position with FERC on May 19, 2021. Our comments are based on Alabama Power's final draft study reports and analyses filed with FERC on April 12, 2021.  These documents are available on the harrisrelicensing.com website.  Our comment letter is available here

In a nutshell, the board asks the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for two operational rules. First request is that no changes to operations will cause the lake's pool levels to be any lower than those currently licensed, i.e. 785' winter and 793' summer.  This is necessary to put lake property owners on a par with other stakeholders which might ask for operations changes -- for a wide range of reasons -- that could result in lower pools. The LWPOA made it known to FERC that we will challenge any license agreement that results in lower pools.  I am confident that will not be necessary. 

Second request is to change the operating rule curve to keep the lake one foot higher in the winter, that is at 786'. This change is supported by the data in the studies as having no negative effect on either the lake or the river downstream of the dam. [Alabama Power looked at the effects on the environment and landowners raising the winter pool to 786, 787, 788, and 789' in the winter.] Keeping the winter pool any higher than 786' will result in damage to the river and landowners downstream.  

LWPOA told FERC that some property owners want FERC to look at a 787' winter pool, but made it clear that is not the official position of the Association.  LWPOA wants to remain good neighbors with the people who live downstream and the 787' option does have negative effects to those downstream over the 785 and 786 levels during flood control operations.  We do not want to appear as saying our property rights are more important than those of downstream landowners as this is simply not the case.  We also want to remain on good terms with the Alabama Rivers Alliance as this organization is a useful partner in maintaining the quantity and quality of waters flowing into Lake Wedowee.

Our comments were filed with FERC on May 19, 2021.  FERC and Alabama Power know the LWPOA is an active participant in the relicensing process.  We have been a principal voice in every pertinent meeting since before the relicensing process began in 2018.  We have asked questions and pressed all concerned for clarification as necessary.  We have advocated for greater access to the lake for all communities and for equitable use of the water and other river and lake resources.  Alabama Power will file its initial license application in November at which time the LWPOA and its board will act as necessary to protect and enhance the quality of life of all lake property owners and the county at large.  

Thank you all for being members of the LWPOA.  All of our families together are a powerful voice in helping determine the future of the lake.  

Barry Morris
Chairman, 2020/21

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 LWPOA Lake Level Position for Relicensing

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