Association Profile

About the LWPOA…

Lake Wedowee Property Owners' Association Board Members, Officers, and Committee Chairpersons​

  • Has over 500 Member Families or approximately 1000 Members
  • Sponsors and participates in the Water Testing Program to ensure water quality in conjunction with Alabama Water Watch
  • Sponsors and participates in the RENEW OUR RIVERS Lake Cleanup with Alabama Power Company
  • Works with regulatory agencies and Alabama Power Company to enhance lake water levels year round
  • Publishes and sends a quarterly newsletter to Members
  • Periodically publishes a membership directory
  • Holds three membership meetings a year including a dinner meeting and summer picnic
  • Conducts Kids' Fishing Day each spring for local children under the age of thirteen
  • Has a nine member elected board meeting monthly to discuss important lake issues
  • Works with Marine Police to Promote Water Safety
  • Maintains Mile Marker Signs to assist boaters
  • Developed and maintains the Fox Creek Birding Trail site in cooperation with Alabama Power Company and Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail
  • Installs Christmas Trees in the Lake bed to enhance fish habitat and fish populations in cooperation with Alabama Power Company
  • Maintains a Website providing updated news of Lake Wedowee, the Community, and the LWPOA
  • Works with Local Officials and residents through its Lake Beautification Committee to enhance public view areas of the lake

Protecting Your Playground... the mission and work of the Lake Wedowee Property Owners' Association (LWPOA)


The LWPOA is a non-profit organization of stakeholders of Lake Wedowee. Our motto, “Protecting Your Playground”, describes our role in safeguarding and improving the quality of the lake environment and the interest of property owners. Owners and lessees of property touching on the lake or the rivers and creeks in its drainage area or properties with access to the lake through community launch facilities are eligible for membership in the LWPOA.

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What We’re Doing

As self-proclaimed stewards of this 10,660 acre lake and 271 miles of shoreline, our directors and chairpersons take seriously the responsibility to improve the quality of our lake environment. The following contact information is provided to help you help us in doing our best to accomplish our very serious mission.!