LWPOA and Alabama Power Company conduct a cleanup of the shoreline areas of the lake during October of each year.  This project has recurred annually for many years.  Over that period, hundreds of tons of trash have been collected by LWPOA and community volunteers and Alabama Power Company Crews. 

Local Businesses provide meals and refreshments for the volunteers, containers for trash, and pontoon boats and barges.   County Officials provide support for the effort through provision of trash disposal and the services of Community Workers. Each year, LWPOA volunteers provide hundreds of person days and the use of boats.  LWPOA budgets and pays the cost of fuel. 

Renew Our Rivers and Lake Cleanup

Renew Our Rivers Lake Cleanup Facts:

You can do your part, by volunteering for the effort.  Just contact Marlon or Betty Glover, Lake Clean-up Committee Chairpersons, or Sheila Smith of Alabama Power Company (see contact information on the "Our Mission" page).  You can also help by encouraging your friends, neighbors and acquaintances to control their trash by providing for a secure trash container on boats and in vehicles and in proper disposal of trash.

2016 Annual Renew Our Rivers Lake Cleanup

The annual “Renew Our Rivers” lake cleanup, a joint project of Alabama Power Company and LWPOA was a huge success.  Bob May, Committee Co-Chairperson, declared this to be the most successful event ever.  It is a fine example of residents, businesses and agencies working together to achieve an important common goal.

Volunteers from LWPOA, Alabama power Company, Sheriff Cofield’s workers, residents of the lake community and fishermen contributed 140 volunteer days over the three days of the event.  Volunteers collected trash that filled three 30 yard roll off containers.   Contributions from local businesses and agencies complemented the effort.  

Each day started at the Highway 48 Boat Ramp.  From there crews on an armada of pontoon and fishing boats spread out to clear the coves and lakeshore of trash.  Pontoon boats were provided by Lake Wedowee Marine, Keller Williams Realty and by LWPOA members and area residents.  Jeremy Lipham of Lake Wedowee Docks provided his work boat and crew.  Alabama power Company furnished its barge and personnel to offload from the smaller boats and haul the debris to the collection area.  APC also provided hundreds of trash bags and awarded T-Shirts to all workers. Hacienda San Antonio donated gift certificates as door prizes for each day.  

GA/ALA Rolloffs donated containers for collection and hauling of the debris to the dump site.  Randolph County Commission provided disposal.

LWPOA Event Chairpersons Marlon and Betty Glover and LWPOA member and local pilot Bob May and APC  Shorelines Manager, Sheila Smith organized and managed the project.  Bob has been involved in the cleanup for 28 years, Marlon and Betty and Sheila Smith 17 years.  They again did an awesome job of bringing together volunteers, contributors and facilities to realize the success of the project.
Local businesses furnished lunch for the volunteers each day.  Hunter Bend Realty, Crystal Walker provided sandwiches on Tuesday.  Doug Williams and WM Grocery brought sandwiches and an excellent Brunswick stew on Wednesday and Lakeside Market and Grill fed the crew of Thursday with their wonderful chicken sandwiches.  Snacks and drinks were furnished by Perryland Foods and Small Town Bank.