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For the Lake Wedowee Property Owners' Association, "Protecting Your Playground" is more than just our motto. It clearly states our mission of  safeguarding and improving the quality of the lake environment and the interests of the property owners.

An important aspect of being .a member of the LWPOA includes volunteering to help with many of our ongoing events and services, some of which are shown below:

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Shoreline Permitting Fee Increase, Effective January 1st, 2020

Alabama Power shoreline permitting fees will increase January 1, 2020, based on this fee schedule. There is a 6 month grace period from now until January 1st. Homeowners are encouraged to request permits before Dec. 31st under the old rates.

Alabama Power’s permit program protects and enhances the scenic, recreational, environmental culture qualities of its lakes for the benefit of all lake users and residents.

The last time Alabama Power adjusted its permit program fee structure was in 2005 – nearly 15 years ago.

For anyone considering work along the shoreline, please contact the Shoreline Management Office for a permit before the new fee structure goes into effect. As you will see on the new fee schedule chart, there will also be fees/penalties for unauthorized construction.​​​

​To apply for a permit, please call the Shoreline Management Office at (256) 396-5093.

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Looking Ahead...

Fish Habitat "Tree Sinking"

March 24th, Volunteers Needed

Kids’ Fishing Day – May 21st, 2020

Picnic - June 13th, 2020

Our Misson

Christmas Trees for Fish Habitat, March 24th at 9 AM

​​To help with the Fish Habitat Program, 12 volunteers are needed at the Alabama Power Company Shoreline Management Office (not the Highway 48 boat ramp) by 9 am on March 24th. No boats are needed. LWPOA members are picking up the trees with personal trailers and delivering them to the staging site at the APC Shoreline Management Office. Please call Ed Sloman at (575) 390-6811 for additional info.

Lonnie White Public Boat Ramp Closed for Renovations

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division (WFF) is about to break ground on a launching slab renovation at Lonnie White public boat ramp. The renovation will extend the length of the launching slab to allow for better and safer loading and unloading of vessels during Harris Reservoir’s winter pool water elevations. 

The renovation will require the closure of the facility, which will remain closed until renovations are completed (estimated to be in April 2020).  ADCNR operates five other boat ramps on Lake Wedowee/Harris Reservoir.  Please see the link below for information and locations of alternative launching locations.

Anglers and boaters who would like to obtain more information about this and other public boating access areas provided by ADCNR should visit: or call the Fisheries Section at 334-242-3471.

Representative Bob Fincher
Alabama House District 37
11 South Union Street, Suite 427K
Montgomery, AL 36130-2950

Senator Randy Price
Alabama Senate District 13
11 South Union Street, Suite 733
Montgomery, AL 36104

Dear Representative Fincher / Senator Price

I encourage you to support passage of House Bill 9, a bill that should improve safety on Alabama’s lakes and waterways. Ever since the Alabama Marine Police were moved from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to Alabama Law Enforcement Agency in 2015, the number of marine patrolmen on our lakes has dropped precipitously as a result of their doing double-duty as state troopers. We need those men and women on our lakes and HB9 will put them there.

Lake Wedowee has experienced several very serious and some fatal accidents in the past five years. An increased police presence on the lake would undoubtedly increase boating safety if people know there is law enforcement on the water.

Please help House Bill 9 become law and protect thousands of recreational boaters, fishermen and swimmers who love the lake and want to make it as safe as possible. Thank you.



name and address

Lake Relicensing Update January 2020

View updates on the Lake Relicensing Page.

Calling all LWPOA Members!! ​Alabama Legislature House Bill 9 (HB9) Sponsored by Rep Chris Sells

Moving Control and Operations of Alabama Marine Police from ALEA to ADCNR

We have an opportunity to positively influence legislation that can make all of Alabama's lakes safer by improving coverage by the Alabama Marine Police (AMP). House Bill 9 puts AMP back on the lakes in a way we haven't seen for 5 years. Here's some background.

Effective January 2015 AMP, was moved under the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) from the Alabama Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR). All personnel, equipment, and funding made the move. Since that time, AMP coverage on state lakes has dropped tremendously as AMP officers are spending time on the highway as state troopers. Also, as of now, only about 40 of 70 AMP positions are filled. This further reduces coverage of safety enforcement on state lakes.

House Bill 9, if enacted, puts AMP back under ADCNR and puts AMP officers on the lakes, not on the highways. It moves all personnel, equipment and funding back to ADCNR. According to Rep. Sells, all boat registration receipts, which pay for AMP, will move and must be spent “on the water.”

LWPOA supports this bill as it should greatly improve safety on Lake Wedowee by putting an AMP officer on the lake the majority of the time. We encourage every member to write our local representative and senator urging passage of this law. Email or postal mail is fine. Please note it is very important that you include your name and address so Mr. Fincher and Mr. Price know it's not just spam and that you live or own property in their districts. It doesn't matter whether you live in Alabama. That fact that you own property here and play and fish on the lake warrants representation.

If you have questions about this legislation, contact board member Barry Morris at

Added below are the mailing addresses and emails, along with a suggested letter to send to our local representative and senator, urging passage of this law: